Adam and Lucas: A 2012 Alonso and Mascherano?

Like many Liverpool fans I was extremely disappointed when these
two left. I didn’t think we’d ever see a decent replacement for either. I think
this is as close as we’re going to get until we have the financial prowess to
compete in the transfer market.

Now I would never ever say that Charlie Adam is as good as Xabi
Alonso, because Alonso could put a ball on your shoelaces from 60 yards. This
is why I was extremely disappointed when Rafa was trying to sell him to
Juventus for a mere 7 million to fund a move for Gareth Barry of all people?
Now although Barry is consistent he isn’t of the same calibre of Alonso, he
can’t do half the things Xabi does. Which is probably what caused his
departure? After basically being told you’re not as good as Gareth Barry and Real
Madrid come knocking he wouldn’t have had much deliberating to do. The good
thing is that Liverpool fans will always remember him as a player who gave his
all for the club, never held the club to ransom and acknowledged the fans when
he left. Xabi will always be given a warm reception the next time he walks out
onto Anfield.

It took years to find another playmaker after Xabi left. Charlie
Adam was a quality player at Blackpool but was he just a big fish in a small
pond? It’s too early to judge, but he has shown encouraging signs since his
move. He does have a tendency to do stupid things, make rash decisions and very
very occassionally put in a lazy performance. I would argue that these are part
of the step up to a higher quality club. Maybe at Blackpool he could get away
with it at times. He is now putting in the performances that could well see him
hold down a regular place in this new look midfield.

Lucas was always seen as a weak link in his first few seasons.
Lucas is the kind if player who has grown with experience. I don’t know for
certain but I would hazard a guess that Mascherano took him under his wing and
taught him to play as a holding midfielder. Lucas is whether fans like it or
not one of our most consistent players. Over the past 3 seasons he has played
more games than Steven Gerrard, even though he isn’t as prolific as Gerrard his
appearance stats can’t be argued with? Lucas has matured into a comfortable
holding midfielder in the Liverpool side, the only difference between him and
Mascherano is the ferocity. Mascherano would win a tackle and make sure the
opposing player knew he’d been in a tackle. Lucas takes on more of a quieter
role, doing just as important job in breaking up play, just not as venomous as
Mascherano would. Even though Lucas isn’t valued at £30 million plus like
Mascherano was doesn’t mean he isn’t as important to this Liverpool team now as
Mascherano was.

In Lucas and Adam we have found an answer to a question which
went unanswered for a season. Lucas and Adam are nowhere near as prolific as
Mascherano and Alonso, and neither are valued anything like Alonso and
Mascherano but both are still growing into their roles and will prove very
influential players in the upcoming matches and ultimately the next few