Wembley Stadium, London

This is hands down the home of worldwide football. This is the best stadium i’ve ever been to. The English FA demolished the old stadium as it was outdated and pretty disgusting, and it took a while to build the new stadium, but it was well worth the wait.

Getting to the ground is really easy via the tube system and it’s a straight walk down Wembley Way straight to the perimeter of the ground. The walk from the station to the ground is amazing, the atmosphere builds with every step you take. There are normally some family orientated activities to do while walking down Wembley way.

Inside the ground is absolutely phenomenal, the atmosphere is amazing and the stadium is like a pit, so all the sound just bounces around the stadium, making it loud and exciting, especially when major cup semi-finals and finals.

My advice is not to buy things inside the ground, as it is really expensive, at the fa cup final, i paid £10 for a match programme. That is the only flaw with the stadium, the prices around the ground.

As it is in the capital city of England, there is a lot of things to do pre-match, i personally would advise the pub near Dollis Hill tube station.

The stadium is absolutely beautiful inside and out and it one of the best grounds i have ever been to

The Allianz Arena, Munich.

Capacity 60/63000


Well, what can i say about this… It is honestly one of the best grounds i have ever been to.

The Allianz is home to Bayern Munich and also 1860 Munich. The stadium on a match day lights up the same colour as the home teams kit colours. So red for Bayern and blue for 1860 Munich


The stadium is located on the main road into Munich or easier accessible by the underground from the centre of town.

The turnstiles are located on the permeter of the stadium, giving like a free roam around area all around the ground with many merchendise shops and food shops. One strange thing was the lack of segregation in the ground, the city fans could easily mix with the Bayern fans.

Around the city of Munich is absolutely amazing, while i was there, it was Oktoberfest so the atmosphere around the city was actually top. German beer was the tastiest thing ever.

Inside the ground was something else, it was unbeatable, the atmosphere was top notch, the sound of the crowd was amazing, and even though i was in the rafters, i loved every second of it

I’ve been wating to go back to the allianz ever since i left it.

Atmosphere 9/10

Looks 8/10

rating 9/10

The Reebok Stadium

The Reebok Stadium, Capacity 28,723, Record Attendance 28,353

The Reebok Stadium is the home ground of Bolton Wanderers.
The Stadium is placed in the middle of a retail park meaning that if you arrive early you can go and do some shopping, or visit the bowling alleys for a quick game. There is also a McDonalds, KFC and Subway just minutes from the ground. There is normally some form of entertainment happening outside the ground in the shape of a drum band and rock climbing walls.

For the home fans only there is the ‘Fanzone’ where you are able to go and watch the early kick off amongst an environment of friendly fans, although i do believe you have to have a valid match day ticket to be granted access.

The atmosphere in the ground isnt always great as it hugely depends on the team we are playing and the amount of fans the opposing team brings, if the away end is a sellout the atmosphere is always 100% better as the two sets of supporters engage in there banterly chanting. The Reebok isnt at all a big ground, but in my opinion one of the best looking grounds in the league at the moment.

Things to do 8/10.
Atmosphere 5/10
Looks 9/10


Capacity 45276  Atmosphere 7/10  Things to do 6/10


Anfield was once the ground of Everton but bought by Liverpool after roughly ten years of existence, definately one of the more famous grounds in the Premiership with one of the most famous stands worldwide The Kop. The Spion Kop is named after The Battle of Spion Kop of the Second Boer war, the battle was fought on a hill which is why the Kop has a famous sloping stand, creating better acoustics. The stand is named The Spion Kop because at the battle of Spion Kop many Liverpudlians died, the stand was named the Spion Kop in honour of the dead.


The Anfield is probably most famour for the european nights it has seen. The age old ground has seen some of the most famour matches of the European Cup/Champions League. The most famous memory of recent times is probably against Olympiakos when Gerrard scored his volley. That was when Anfield is in full swing.

The ground itself is caked in history. The ground has a ery historic feeling, but even with this you don’t feel transported back into the past. Outside the ground you have one of the most famous calls in football history with “Hats, Caps, Scarves and your badges” This all adds to the “Anfield Effect” Inside the ground you have the numerous bar stands, programme and betting stands. Unlike some other grounds the kneeroom is adequate, not too much, not too less. You really get a feel of what Anfield is all about when You’ll Never Walk Alone is played though, as a Liverpool fan, the hairs on the back of my neck always stand on end when you hear the fans sing that song. The ground compliments the song because all sound seems to reverberate around.





West Brom, The Hawthorns

On the 19th of November myself and some friends visited the Hawthorns to watch our team Bolton Wanderers play West Brom, as much as i’d like to go into how shambolic we was in the second half, this is the stadium tour section and Gerry might delete me xD.

Around the stadium wasn’t great, although it was policed very well, and they did help you on request. We were told by police on arrival we had one away pub, now for 2600 fans somehow i didnt think this was enough, if even half the fans didnt want to go to the pub, thats still 1300 fans to be crammed into a single pub, shocking if you’re thirsty :). There’s also a McDonalds just around the corner if you are hungry on arrival, from where we stood the queuing looked horrendous. If McDonalds isnt your thing there’s some well placed catering vans dotted around the outskirts of the entrances to the ground. All well and good if you can afford to remortgage your house for a burger! The inside of the away end is tiny, its so narrow that the queue for the kiosks stretched from the left side of the stand we were given all the way to the right side. The prices of the kiosks are shocking, £2.20 for a bottle of coke is just the start, £5.50 for a hotdog a hot chocolate and a chocolate bar/ crisps in a apparent “meal deal”.

The seating areas though are very good, the away fans are situated close to the home fans to create a very good atmosphere. Although when West Brom do score the “boing” celebration the Home fans do is enough to make you want to injure one of them. Also the Stadium is equipped with 2 big screens, which are the most annoying big screens i have ever come across at any ground. They play adverts for DVD’s of the clubs season, not once but atleast 10-15 times. Aswell as a “If you love football, sit down” advert which is shocking and did nothing but get on my nerves.
In terms of looks i thought the Hawthorns was a very nice ground and the Home fans come out in force to create a good atmosphere, me and my friends apart from the result had an enjoyable day with very little trouble. The only gripe i do have is there isnt any clear directions to the away of the ground, there was only one entrance to the away end on the day of our game and it was fairly hard to find, but we asked the police and they showed us no trouble 🙂 overall i think its a very nice ground and i would go again the next time Bolton are down there.

The Etihad Stadium

Capacity 48000 Things to do rating : 6/10 Atmosphere rating 6/10


The home of the 2011 FA cup winners and of course my beloved Manchester City FC.Now i vist this ground all the time and therefore know it like the back of my hand. Now getting to the ground is fairly easy for both home and away fans, especially with the development of the new tram system that has a stop right outside the stadium. It’s about a 20 minute walk from Picadilly station and it’s a really accessible ground. Inside the ground is actually quite drab, as seen as we didn’t own the ground untill very recently, so all you can see is a mass sea of blue seats and not much else. The atmosphere in the ground can change from game to game. Some games, like the manchester derby or a champions league game, the atmosphere is amazing, however, due to the running track the was previously there, the sound doesn’t stay in the ground, and therefore the atmosphere can sometimes be quite dull.
Now, things to do around the ground im not really sure about, being a home supporter i only really go there to go to the game and home, however there is a recently developed “Blue square” right next to the soon to be completed tram stop. There are cafes, bars and big screens and it’s apparently a great chance to meet before the game and afterwards, im not sure about their policy on away fans, but they should be alright there.