David Silva : Is he really the best player in the premiership at the moment?

When Manchester City first bought the little spaniard from Valencia for £25m. I wasn’t too pleased, becuase I didn’t know that much about him, and the little bit that i did know, he was playing in Spains reserve side. And during his 1st season at the club, it took him 2 months to really be known, with a substitue appearance at Blackpool away, when he single handedly tore the Blackpool defence to peices, securing a valuble 3 points for City, and from then on, the little man from Gran Canaria has never looked back.

There was alot of excitement heading into the new premiership season, especialy after the FA cup winners had secured the signature of Argentinian striker Sergio Aguero with many, including myself, really excited to see him. But it was David Silva who caught everybody’s eye. With a goal against Swansea in the 1st game of the season, and another at the Reebok stadium, it was looking like the little man was beginning to love life in the Premiership.

Throughout the current season, all the talk of Manchester City has been through either him, or obviously Mario Balotelli. But there is nothing but praise for the world cup winner. With his superb ability to play a pass through the eye of a needle and be able to create goalscoring opportunities in the blink of an eye. There is no doubt he has been one of the stand outs of the season, with many already putting in him the nominations for PFA player of the year.

One of his best performances of the season was at Old Trafford. During the “Derby day demolition” of Manchester United (I still get a smile on my face when i read that) where he completely ripped the heart out of the Man United defence with his beautiful through balls to set up goals, and even grabbing himself a goal in the process. His stand out ball was for the 6th goal, where the ball came to him into the air and he controlled the ball with his right foot and 1st time volleyed the ball about 30 yards into the path of Edin Dzeko who finished for the 6th goal.

However, there are a few flaws with the little spaniard. One major flaw is that he doesn’t have the confidence to shoot and pass with both feet. Every time he finds himself on his right foot, he has to cut back and play it back, instead of usually going forward. If he wants to be included in the Spanish 16 of Euro 2012 he needs to learn how to use his right foot. Because when I watch Xavi and Andres Iniesta, they can pass and shoot with both feet, and play every ball to perfection. Another flaw is that he can sometimes be abit light, and can sometimes get pushed off the ball to easily, resulting in a loss of possession.

Saying that, he has still been one of the best players of this season, with probably on Robin Van Persie up there better than him. If he continues this form that he is in, then I don’t think that anyone in the premiership can come close to him in his position in the free role, just behind the centre forwards.

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